Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Put a ring on it!

I would love to extend my congratulations to my beautiful cousin Laura and her wonderful husband Zane on a magical wedding on the weekend!!! Such a gorgeous couple and good to see some of those good fish being snapped up by such worthy people!! So I caught the bouquet, or rather scrambled for it....... think i might give it to my sister now lol!! What a silly old tradition..... but was fun while it lasted lol!!

In the midst of completing my New Zealand itinery, Mum and I head off this weekend and boy I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! I need this holiday more than I can imagine and I'm looking forward to some quality mother/daughter time :) Have already got quite a few bookings for some fun excursions so I expect this will be a trip to remember!!

Until next time,
Treat every situation like a dog, if you can't eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

F1 Grand Prix

Having a lazy Sunday afternoon with my boy watching the F1... oh happy joy! We went to Lismore Speedway last night with Malinda and Dave, who had a good time for their first one :) It was good, bit disappointed in the track (cars not fast enough) and the flag waver - boy he missed some close calls and the poor blokes nearly got driven straight into!! Terrible flag waving!! Oh and I even got to be part  of the event by having a cricket ball sized piece of mud fly off the track and hit me in the shoulder! Well, it certainly felt like cement hitting me, and my shoulder isn't bruised thankfully but it's still a bit sore.  So now we're just kicking back having a beer and watching more car stuff..... what else is new?!

Anyway, until next time,
I'm off like a frog in a blender!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


2am reruns of old shows, somehow amuses me. Well, not really, but the computer in front of me is keeping me occupied again.... had a big day today. Managed to get off to TAFE this morning but felt unwell, but kept going anyway, found out a friend of my mum's son had died on the weekend, what terrible news, such a tragedy to lose a young life, my heart is with their family. Finished TAFE for the day. Teacher is happy with how my assignment is going so that's a plus!! Kept plugging away and got myself to work, where I found I had been given an InCharge shift by default (no one had been rostered for it). No problems tonight, just a long long day and why on earth can I still be sitting here when my body should have been craving sleep hours ago?!! Feeling much better than I did this morning, which is good :) At least I know I can sleep in a bit tomorrow...

Anyway glad to have started my blog....
Remember Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday!! AND ALL'S WELL!